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Neuroengineering Theme


The goal of the Neuroengineering Theme is to better understand mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric disorders and develop engineering solutions to sense, image, interface and modulate the disorders of the brain and nervous systems. One of the key challenges the theme group is addressing is to discover mechanisms of and seek solutions to brain disorders at systems level. University of Minnesota faculty has been at the forefront of development of systems neuroengineering, with particular strengths in neural decoding and imaging, neural interfacing and neuromodulation.

Akkin, Taner Biomedical Engineering
Ashe, James Neuroscience
Baker, Kenneth Neurology
Barocas, Victor Biomedical Engineering
Chen, Wei Radiology - CMRR
Cherkassky, Vladimir Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cureoglu, Sebahattin Otolaryngology
Durfee, William Mechanical Engineering
Ebner, Timothy Neuroscience
He, Sheng Psychology
Iaizzo, Paul Surgery
Johnson, Matthew Biomedical Engineering
Lam, Cornelius Neurosurgery
Lenglet, Christophe Radiology - CMRR
Letourneau, Paul Neuroscience
Lim, Hubert Biomedical Engineering
Lim, Kelvin Psychiatry
Low, Walter Neurosurgery
Netoff, Tay Biomedical Engineering
Parhi, Keshab Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pierre, Valerie Chemistry
Pluhar, G. Elizabeth Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Redish, David Neuroscience
Sachs, Jonathan Biomedical Engineering
Schiffer, Wynne Neurology
Shekhar, Shashi Computer Science & Engineering
Steer, Clifford Medicine
Ugurbil, Kamil Radiology - CMRR
Wang, Jian-Ping Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ziegler, Richard Pediatrics