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The Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) is an interdisciplinary research organization strengthening collaborative efforts between the disciplines of engineering and biomedicine at the University of Minnesota, and fostering collaborations with medical device industry.


The Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) at the University of Minnesota serves as a catalyst for facilitating multidisciplinary collaborations in research and education between the Academic Health Center and the College of Science and Engineering, in addition to fostering collaborations with the medical technology industry. Our mission is to advance healthcare through research partnerships between engineering and medicine involving academia and industry. This is truly where medicine meets technology for tomorrow’s innovations. Read more about our mission and vision

Research and Funding

  • Cardiovascular Engineering Cardiovascular Engineering IEM researchers discovered effects of cell therapy in hearts with a severely abnormal heterogeneity of myocardial bioenergetics. Click the image to learn more>
  • Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering IEM researchers study cellular traction force dynamics for potential cellular therapy. Click the image to learn more>
  • Medical and Biological Imaging Medical and Biological Imaging IEM researchers mapped visual pathways and functional anatomy of the brain using high resolution functional MRI. Click the image to learn more>
  • Medical Devices Medical Devices IEM/MDC researchers developed high resolution visualization tools for virtual prototyping to speed up medical device design. Click the image to learn more>
  • Neuroengineering Neuroengineering IEM researchers advanced noninvasive brain-computer interface research demonstrating promise for EEG-controlled neuroprosthetics. Click the image to learn more>